Paid for overnight shipping, phone hasn't arrived


Paid for overnight shipping, phone hasn’t arrived


Hi @joannb.gqhf74,

Our fulfillment center is having some trouble getting orders processed and handed over to the shipper. Once they are handed over, the shipping will be at the shipping method you selected.

We have staff contacting members with overnight orders that have been delayed, but it is a slow, manual process. Please keep an eye on your E-mail for a message from our Help team.



Will I be refunded my overnight shipping? I would have expected an email before now. Sounds like Republic Wireless is understaffed. Very dissappointed.
Thank you.

Jo Ann


Like most companies, Republic doesn’t do its own fulfilment and relies on a logistics partner. While obviously the buck stops with Republic, their staffing has nothing to do with the delay in fulfilling orders. As far as the email that you’re looking for, the combination of the fulfillment issue and the recent outage has indeed left Republic’s resources stretched, but it really isn’t practical to expect a company to staff for two simultaneous events like that that may occur once a year, once a decade or never. Having spoken with staff, I know they’re working as hard as they can and pushing the fulfillment partner as well, to get things back on track.


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