Pair moto g with new Toyota Tacoma


Neither the dealer nor I could get my moto g (3rd gen) to pair with a 2017 Toyota Tacoma. Please help!


Hi @jasonw.1esr62!

Is the Bluetooth turned on on your phone? Pull down from the top of your phone screen and then pull down again. That should being you to a few, quick settings. The Bluetooth icon should be white if it is on.



yes blue tooth on.
phone says vin # is invalid


toyota shows up on phone but I can not select it


Do you have another phone you could try to connect to it just to see what it does? There should be a setting on your Tacoma that will search for your phone.


@jasonw.1esr62 Do you happen to know what kind of media system your Tacoma has: Entune Audio (no APPS button), Entune Audio Plus (APPS button, but no maps card), or Entune Premium (APPS button and maps card)?


The dealers phone paired with it in about 10 seconds.


I think it is entune audio plus. I will go check the manual.


Ok. First, go ahead and reboot your Moto G3. On the dashboard screen, press the “home” button, then select “Setup”, tap “Bluetooth” and then tap “Add.” Once done, go to your Moto G3 and go into the settings app. Then go to the “Bluetooth” section. Make sure it’s on and then tap the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner. It should then be able to find your Tacoma. It should then ask you for a PIN. The PIN should appear on the in-dash system. Enter the PIN shown slowly and make sure it’s correct. Then tap “pair.”


Thanks. Headed out to try it now.


No luck. three buttons show: refresh, rename this devise, show received files. No where to type in pin. Phone says Paried devices and lists toyota.


Have you tied to reconnect to the Toyota under paired devices? Also, what does your tacoma say? Additionally, did it ever give you a pin? What appears on the screen?


yes. it does nothing.


Have you downloaded the Entune App from the Play store? Not sure if it is required, but maybe that will do it. So what does the in-dash system say when you go to the “Bluetooth” section and tap “add”?


I just got it to pair. Not sure what I did that was different. Thanks for your help. One more question: with no maps card-does that mean no navigation on the screen?


That’s what I take it to mean. You can still use your phone. HERE is a great maps app. You can download your state maps and use them offline.


Sam maps be added to the screen do you know?


upgraded or something?


It’s possible. However, I suspect you may have to replace the whole in-dash system. Does it have any section for maps that may be blocked out? I did some checking and it looks like you would have to add some sort of GPS antenna to do it plus probably buying the new in-dash.


Thanks for your help. I have reached my limit on replies for today. I did not know what you meant by maps that are blocked.