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My car won’t play the Pandora app (that is installed on the car) it says to make sure that Pandora is installed by on my phone. It is as it will play through Bluetooth.


Sorry you’re having issues with Pandora and your vehicle. Here is a help page from Pandora that you may find useful:


Hi @katiel.qf8vev,

We’ve moved your topic to a problem-solving area of the Community, because it seems you have a problem to solve rather than a review of any particular feature or service.

Can you tell us a little more about what’s going on? The car itself has a Pandora feature but when you try to use it, it says to make sure it’s installed on the phone?

Could you tell us what make and model the car is?


@katiel.qf8vev Are you able to provide the additional information requested so we can help you solve your issue?


It’s a 2017 Subaru Legacy


You can check compatibility here:

Click on Bluetooth. From what I can tell your phone is not compatible, but please check it anyway.

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