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Does anyone use parental control apps such as Safe Lagoon? If so do you have problems with getting the call/text log when the child’s phone is connected to WiFi? I’m trying to find a solution and am having no luck. Is there a better app out there for parental controls that works well with Republic?

Hi @mrsdigit and welcome to the Community!

I’m no expert in parental control apps, so will leave that to other Community members to opine on. Republic has its take on parental control apps linked here:

Additionally, Republic makes it so you can see who your child is calling and or text messaging with when signed into your Republic account here: Under the picture for their phone:

  1. Click the green “I Want To…” bar
  2. Click View Calls & Messages
  3. Please note the history there is UTC (universal coordinated time). You would need to adjust for local time. I don’t wish for you to think your child is using their phone when they’re supposed to be sleeping. :slightly_smiling_face:

If needed an online time converter is linked here:


Thanks so much for getting back to me. I will definitely check out the links you sent


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