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Is there a way to put parental controls on a Republic Wireless phone that my kids use?

Hi @danield.n9zuhq and welcome to the Member Community. Here are a few links that might help.

There are lots of parental control apps in the Google Play Store –

There is a help article on the RW site –

And Google has a site for helping set up parental controls on Google Play –

I do not have any app recommendations, but other members in the Community may. Hope this helps. And please come back with questions if this information does not answer your questions.


My son is 10 and has had a smartphone for a long while now. I’ve used a couple different parental control apps. Qustodio was the first app I used. It was pretty thorough and required a yearly subscription. Qustodio can be used with multiple platforms (PC, Mac, Android). For the last year or so I’ve used Google Family Link. I find it sufficient for the controls I desire.


I too use Google Family Link for my 10-year-old and it is sufficient for our needs for now.


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