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In addition to my RW cellphone, I still pay $20 per month for a home landline and an office landline that I don’t use for outgoing calls. Instead, I’ve setup forwarding on both lines to my RW number. So it would be incredibly valuable if RW could offer a “phone number parking/forwarding” service that would allow me to move my home and office numbers to RW and have them ring/forward to my cell phone. I would be willing to pay $5 per month to have RW park and forward my extra phone numbers, how about it?

There are already a number of services in the market that will do this for you. One example is Numberbarn who will park a number for $2 a month, and will park it with forwarding for $6 a month.

Republic is a small company, offering something that’s already widely available in the market is probably not a great use of the limited resources they have.

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Other companies that offer plans very similar to Republic’s (such as Twigby) include call forwarding as well as calls to many countries in their basic plan, Republic does not seem to understand that forwarding could bring in more business as we attempt to wean callers from one number to another. With data abuses abounding everywhere, I hesitate including another potential source of problems in the future.

Republic offers conditional forwarding under the name of “Voicemail forwarding”. Calls that are not answered or when the phone is unavailable or turned off are forwarded to the designated number. The number must be a US number and must not be another Republic device.

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Since we have 2 Republic phones in the family and would like to be able to answer for each other, this is NOT a solution. Like I said, more business for Republic if they would open up forwarding. When my annual payment ends, I’ll be switching at least one phone to a carrier that offers real forwarding.

Why not just get a Google Voice number and forward it to your cell phones? Then either phone could answer, and either could return the call with the callerID showing as the Google Voice number. You could do the same with text messages. If one of you doesn’t want the calls forwarded for a period of time, you can shut it off in a few seconds.


That sounds like a great idea, but I’m afraid that most of the need for forwarding is because of past number changes so an additional number would add to the confusion, What happened to the “old days” when a phone company gave people the “new” number?

I don’t know. I’ve never minded getting a new cellular number, but that’s because I have had the same Google Voice number for 12 years now and just forward it to any new numbers. I also have a vanity toll-free number for people who really need to call me. It used to be a way to help them avoid long distance calls, but long distance isn’t really much of a thing anymore.


You could make it work, but it would take some time, patience, and planning. You’d transfer your current numbers to Google Voice, then set up new numbers on your phone. You could set both your Google Voice numbers to ring both your phones.

I ported my old cell phone number to Google Voice so that my family and friends in my old state didn’t need to worry about long distance and gave my new, local number to the family and friends in my new state. At this point, that reasoning is moot, and now I give out my Google Voice number to people I don’t care much about. I only allow contact to ring through to my cell phone. The rest go straight to voicemail.

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