Parking My Number?


I have read the info on parking my number. Actually, my son wants to park his number while he is in military boot camp (3+ months) and is not allowed to have his phone with him. I saw there is a $5 one-time porting fee. He does not want to leave RW, he just does not want to pay the data and usage fees while he does not have access to his phone.

So, is there a porting fee if he’s not switching providers? $2/month sounds great to keep his phone number! Should he also drop the data fee since he won’t be using data for over 3 months?



Which phone & plan does he have as this may offer different alternatives


MotoX Gen 2; 1GB data/ month



Hi @markh.4gqbic,

Republic Wireless does not charge any sort of porting fee. If you’ve found content stating otherwise on our website, please let me know where that is.

Please have the account owner for the account your son’s phone number is on open a ticket and ask what options are available when military assignments preclude using the phone.

The phone you named does offer a $5 Wi-Fi-only plan that is a fairly affordable way to preserve the phone number, but our support team may have other options available for your consideration, as well.


Thanks! The $5 one-time porting fee was with, which I found referenced in your Q&A “How Do I Cancel and Keep My Number?”:

We will open a ticket.

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That’s what Numberbarn (not related to Republic, a 3rd party that happens to offer a reliable and inexpensive parking service) charges. There are no charges on the Republic side.

I would suggest opening a ticket, as suggested by Southpaw, as support may have alternatives for those being deployed.


Thanks. Ticket opened.


And thank you to your son for his service @markh.4gqbic. We wish him luck at boot camp!


Presuming your son parks his number at number barn and presuming his phone is in his own account, this is what will transpire:

Upon porting his number his phone will be deactivated.

At the end of his billing cycle his account will be closed and a pro-rated amount will be credited to his credit card.

When he is ready to use his phone again he will reactivate the phone. During the reactivation process he will open a new account.




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