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Hi, Hope you all are doing great. I got 2 phones (2.0 & 3.0) Leaving US for 6 months. Hoping to keep 2.0 paying 5$ a month (wifi only) Don’t want to pay another 15$/month for Wifi only and also don’t want to lose my number either for 3.0 . Some one told me porting to Sideline would be the better option. Any body have clue that I can use Sideline as 2.0 (wifi only) while out side US? If not parking is better with Numberbarn? My billing cycle just started on 13th and I am leaving on 17th. When should I do the parking or porting?
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Hello @maheshikam!

I can vouch for Number Barn. I used them to split a number off from a Republic account. They do a good job and the prices are more than fair! They especially make it easy to port back out when the time arrives. For me, the port out (from Republic) took about a day (a little less actually) and the port back in took longer due to a glitch in Republic’s system (I fell through the cracks and had to open a ticket to finish it up). From my search, Number Barn is the cheapest option for parking as far as fees and number porting charges go.

I have no experience with Sideline before.I am sure another member can chime in about Sideline.



Hi @maheshikam,

Which might be the better option depends largely on whether you wish to use the number in question while outside the U.S. or not.

If you have no use for the number during this period of time, parking it at NumberBarn at $2/month is probably best. That $2 gets you number parking only. Folks calling you will hear a message from you indicating how you can be reached (or whatever you wish to say). They will not be able to leave you a message nor will the call forward to another number. Those things can be added, however, the cost goes to $6/month. Either way, there’s a one-time $5 to cover the cost of transferring your number.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to use the number in question while outside the U.S. and will have a local (in country) smartphone, Sideline might be a better solution. Sideline’s base cost is $10/month. Until recently this was free. When outside the U.S. a subscription for VoIP (WiFi) calling is (I believe) required. I think the cost of that subscription is an additional $3/month. I suggest asking Sideline support on that. Sideline’s VoIP calling functions very much like Republic’s old $5 WiFi only plan. There is no fee for transferring a number to Sideline.

The VoIP subscription, ad removal and reserving one’s number (free if one ports in their own number to the best of my knowledge but again best to confirm with Sideline support) used to be rolled into something called Sideline Pro (no longer available) for a total of $3/month. Combined with no base monthly cost (also no longer available) this was a screamingly good deal. Alas, the realities of marketplace costs apparently made sustaining this pricing impossible. I’m thankful I jumped on Sideline when I did as, so far, Sideline Pro has been grandfathered for those of us already in.

As one can see when compared with the cost of comparable service (actually using a number outside the U.S.), Republic’s $15 month base 3.0 plan is competitive. The old $5 WiFi only plan was also a screamingly good deal (and thankfully grandfathered for those with legacy Republic phones) but is also likely unsustainable in the current marketplace.

More on Sideline here:

On NumberBarn here:


Lots of Thanks Dear.


You made my day Roland. Awesome. You clarified almost everything to me. No words to thank you. When I am singing in to Sideline it uses my phone no as device ID (username). Does not allow me to port in my own phone no. Can you advise me how to do it if you do not mind dear. METTA. {if you interested in 10 D Retreat}


Hi @maheshikam,

You are correct that Sideline uses the number of the phone it’s installed on for registration. Initially, you’ll be assigned a random Sideline number. Once up and running with Sideline, porting your own number to replace the random Sideline number is done from within the Sideline app.

To do so:

  1. Open Sideline.
  2. Tap gear icon upper left.
  3. Scroll down to, then tap Number Porting.
  4. Follow Sideline’s prompts from there.

You’ll want to be certain you’re ready to cancel service to the Republic number in question before initiating the port. Sideline uses the same carrier for number hosting ( as Republic, so a port takes (in my experience) a business day or less. Porting your Republic number to Sideline cancels service to that number on Republic with no need for further action on the Republic end.

If the timing of your travels permit, I suggest taking Sideline for a spin using the temporary number to be certain it will meet your needs. You’ll find Sideline works better on your 3.0 phone than your 2.0 phone.

Regarding the link you were kind enough to share, thank you! I do not have 10 days available to me at the moment but will take a look to see if I might be interested for the future. :slight_smile:


Thank you for recommending NumberBarn! I’ve loved my Republic Wireless account but work bought me a phone. I do want to keep the number I’ve had for 15 years. Thanks!

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