Partial Texts, late or no Delivery of Texts

What phone do you have? MotoG5, MotoG3 (4 phones) MotoG (1st Gen)

What plan are you on? G5 on 05GB plan, 2 of the G3’s on the rebate for unused data plans, 2 of the G3’s and the G1 on Talk and Text Only.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? MotoG5 and 2 of the G3’s, Data (0.5GB) talk and text, 2 G3’s and G1 Talk & Text only

Issue Description

This issue of partial texts being delivered happens most often with receipts from Apple iphone users, but has also happened between Androids. No pattern to it. Handset may or may not be on Wi-Fi when it happens - the issue seems to be independent of that. Same goes for undelivered or totally not received texts - we’ve compared phones (Apples and 'droids) outgoing message records and they show as sent.
I can understand some delays in message send/receive times, but we’ve had at least one example of over 12 hours for a message delay on one of the G3’s and several instances of no receipt at all as well as only part of the text being received - that latter half cut off and completely missing, not as two separate messages.
It’s happened in the other direction as well, but much more rarely.
In all cases, the phones were powered on, so it’s not due to them being off, and that should not cause half-messages, just delay in receipt.
Granted, the 1st Gen Moto and the G3’s are showing their age, but the G5 is not that old. All are in protective cases.
Like the phones and plans (especially the older plan) but if messages are cut off or not going through, what do we need to do?

You can find the text troubleshooting document at the link below. You would probably best be served to open a help ticket if the steps in this document prove unsuccessful.

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Hi @timw.pic6sm,

We have a topic about truncated text messages on the legacy phones - it’s something our engineers are aware of and are trying to solve.

So that it’s easier to troubleshoot and stay focused, let’s try to separate the G5 out to discuss in this topic. Is it also receiving truncated messages, or is its issue solely delays or failure to receive text messages?

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