Partly unhappy with phone service

I am currently a repub wireless customer I just need to know 1) if i purchase a new phone through repub to replace my current broken phone will I have to choose one of the new plans? 2) why is it that our service seems to “go out” at times? we can be sitting at home on wifi or not on wifi and we just cant text , call or go online. is that a problem others have experienced? it is unsettling for me

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Yes, if you buy a new phone you will have to go on one of the new plans. You experience is abnormal, especially with a great phone like the Moto X (2nd Gen). Can you give us more details like what do you see on the phone when these problems arise?

If you buy a used Republic Wireless version of the Moto E1,E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2, you can stay on your current plan. If you buy one of the new phones, then you go on the new 3.0 plan.

I’ve never had either of my two phones go out that I know of. One is a G1 and the other a X1. Maybe a chat with Motorola support would be helpful.

When this happens, I try to send a text and it shows the red triangle with the exclamation point in it and says message not sent. I will search for a signal when calling and take a couple minutes before I can go back or swipe it away and try again. It doesn’t happen all the time but at least once a month it will do this. I really am disappointed that I have to choose a new plan if I buy another device. I have been thinking of switching to straight talk because of it. I understand keeping costs down but in my area there just aren’t many wifi signals to tap in to

thanks marshallh

Initially I understood that you were having this problem on both WiFi and cell but now it seems like the problem occurs when you are away from WiFi and don’t have a cell signal. Is that correct?

I miss typed on one part of my response. I was trying to explain that when I try to call sometimes , when I push the call button it normally takes about 2 seconds for the phone to start dialing and then the call connects . when this problem happens, I wait about two minutes and it just freezes and I cant do anything with it for that time.

this happens on or off wifi. I can try to turn off wifi and even restart my phone and it doesnt help. again, this doesnt happen often and it seems it happens in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. it isnt a huge deal but I have talked to some friends who also have this service and they experience the same thing

the problem is when we have cell service as well as wifi .

my wife just reminded me about something relating to this issue. I get random messages when I try to call sometimes that will say that I need to configure my phone that I have no service or something like that. is it republic wireless or the phones causing these things. like I said , others have expressed the same frustration. we have appreciated the low prices that we were getting and the community helps too so I am not bashing this service . I just hope these things are addressed and corrected.

The delayed dialing issue usually goes away if the phone is restarted. A restart should be performed weekly. You can restart the phone by just holding the power button down until the screen goes black and then releasing it.

It is also a good idea to clear the phone’s cache from time-to-time, perhaps every couple of months:

Clearing the Cache

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