Partnering with select Cell Phone Repair stores in 5 cities across the US. (Program now ended)

Update: 12/20/2018

This program will end on 12/31/2018.

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with select Cell Phone Repair stores in 5 cities across the country to provide members with in-person help with their Republic Wireless smartphones.

Available Services

Staff at participating Cell Phone Repair stores will be able to assist with:

  1. Getting your phone activated on Republic Wireless
  2. Repairing your broken or damaged Republic Wireless phone
  3. Swapping your SIM card to help achieve optimal coverage
  4. In some locations, authorized support-related smartphone exchanges.

Participating Cities

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN
  • Chicago, Il

Eligibility Guidelines

First, open a ticket with Republic Wireless letting us know you’re interested in the Cell Phone Repair program and be sure to include which service you would like to take advantage of. A member of our team will let you know if you are eligible for that service. The team member assisting you will recommend a participating store based on your location.

Please Note: The Cell Phone Repair team will assist you only after you present your RW ticket number. Without this ticket number showing Republic’s authorization, they will not be prepared for your visit and will be unable to help you.

More Information

If you’re in need of Republic Wireless phone assistance and want to learn more, visit our website!


Can they do battery replacements?

Best to open a ticket and ask about battery repair.

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Hi @madison.h
Awesome RW I have used this repair service in Strongsville, Oh. I have also recommended this company at least 4yrs in the community forums. CPR does nice affordable repairs & stocks many popular phone parts. RW hats off hands up & double high fives, this is a great step in the right direction.
Are CPR stores authorized to sell RW phones or is that in the works Yes or No? I hope they do become sales or even resales stores since they have over 2200 local locations to many customers.
Wink wink, Nod nod, Nudge nudge…

The reason this post was bumped was to announce that the program was ending on 12/31
For the most part this pilot was not very successful [my guess would be due to the limited locations that had this]

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