Pass code acting up


What phone do you have? Moto G4
What plan are you on? unlimited calling, texting
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

About a month ago when i would type in my 4-digit security code to open my phone, before I would even start to touch any of the numbers, random numbers would just start appearing as if I was typing them in, but I hadn’t touched anything yet. Sometimes if I start typing in the correct numbers they won’t appear or other random numbers start showing up like I typed them in. If I exit out of the log in page and reopen, usually the second try works without any issue. What is going on? Does my phone have a virus?


Sounds like ghost touching, not a virus a hardware issue.

How old is the phone an did you purchase it from Republic Wireless?

You should open a ticket with Republic Wireless

Or contact Motorola:


Definitely begin by opening a ticket with Support as @littletoucan said. Apparently Moto has repaired or replaced many of these within the one year warranty period.

If only happening during code entry it may help in troubleshooting to use the Device Help app.? FIX, in Hardware Test there is a Touchscreen option.

G4s have a reputation for the ghosting caused by display issues. They suggest to ensure the screen is clean and claim a screen protector may also cause some of the problems. If interested you can do a web search for “Moto G4 ghost touch” then read on about the issue and possible solutions.



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