Pass down old phones

Can I reactivate and pass my old moto X 1st gen phones to family members?

Yes. Factory reset it and activate it just like you would a new phone.

Activate My Phone

It will go one the 2.0 Republic Refund plan.

How do I get new numbers for the old phones?

When you come to this screen as shown in the Activate My Phone document , click on Add a line

Hi @daba14

When you reactivate the X1 as a new line for the family member, it will be assigned a new phone number.

They can then port their existing phone number to the X1, (if one exists). They also have an option to change the assigned number if they wish to pick another. Change My Phone Number

If the family member is already on RW and has an active line, you would just reactivate the X1 as a replacement/upgrade to the existing service line.

See: Reactivating My Republic Phone

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