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My Moto E (I think) phone is dying more and more quickly (generally needing charging it in the middle of the day), Glass on husband’s phone has been shattered forever but he doesn’t use it much (not allowed to bring it in to work). I would like to transfer my phone to him (still on the refund plan) and buy a new phone for me. I’d love to keep both of our phone numbers (transfer his current number to my old phone) and I’d like to keep my number with my new phone. Is this doable? I couldn’t figure out how to search the specifics on this so apologies if this has been answered. TIA!


You will want to order your new phone first. When it arrives, you will activate the new phone following this flow:

As noted in step #9, you will transfer your phone number over during activation of your new phone, choosing Move an Existing Line.

Once your current number is on your new phone, you can factory reset the old phone:

Then turn the old phone on in an area with good wifi and re-activation should begin automatically. If not, open the Republic app to prompt it. You will transfer your husband’s number to this new phone during activation as well, but follow the steps listed in the above document for the 1.0/2.0 phone.

His current phone will automatically deactivate when you transfer his phone number to your old phone.


Thanks! I suspect this is a silly/ignorant question but any way of transferring what’s on my phone to the new phone and what’s on his phone to my old phone?


Not a silly question at all. You can find help for transferring data here:


New phones work on the 3.0 Clear Choice Plans. See here for plan details

Also, it is possible that depending your zip code you may end up with a phone that is provisioned for GSM coverage…in which case your coverage could be different compared to what you might have been used to on your old phones.
See here for additional useful info


Also, take a look at this useful chart