Pasting Bitmojis in Anywhere on an iPad using IOS 12

I’m trying to paste bitmoji’s into the Anywhere app on an iPad using IOS 12. Everything seems to work except pasting into Anywhere. It works well on my Android phone, a Moto X4.
Is there a quick fix for this?.. other than using my phone. It’s just that the screen on the iPad is larger and easier to read.

Hi @georgel.2wvrvk,

I’m uncertain about a quick fix but we’ll see on that. :slightly_smiling_face:

As a starting point, may we confirm the use of bitmoji and not the emoji already built into Apple’s iOS devices. If indeed it is bitmoji, may we know the source from which you’re pasting?

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Emoji’s built into Anywhere works well. Bitmoji’s from the app of the same name doesn’t work. After choosing one, the app copies the bitmoji and asks me to paste it into the message area.

I can not find any way to paste it in.

Is this the the app in question:

If so, I don’t typically use bitmoji but will give it a shot. It might be later in the day or tomorrow before I report back but I will report back.

Emoji is built into iOS itself not Anywhere, which may explain the difference in experience.

I don’t use Bitmoji on iOS, but have used it on Android. On Android it is attaching an image like any other. What exactly is happening when you try in Anywhere on iOS? As an alternative can you just save the Bitmoji in your gallery and insert it from there?

Yes, bitmoji’s in Android are easy. They automatically paste themseves in. In IOS, they seem to be copied to the “clipboard” bi there is no apparent paste. However, I can copy and paste in other apps.
Any suggestions on saving bitmojis to my iPad?

It likely is. There seems to be only one Bitmoji app for iPads, maybe only one for IOS.

Thank you.

Hi @georgel.2wvrvk,

Apologies for the delayed response. As you’ve already determined, it’s not possible to paste anything into the text field on Anywhere iOS. It’s not just bitmoji, simple text copied from another iOS app (specifically the native Notes app) doesn’t paste either. I’m not particularly optimistic this will change in the short run but one never knows what the future might hold.

Meanwhile, there is the option of switching to Messages by Google on your Republic phone. The web based client at works within Safari on iOS. The caveat is unlike Anywhere, your phone must be on and connected to the Internet for the web based Messages client to work on other devices. I tested pasting bitmoji into the web based Messages client in Safari on iOS and it does work. It’s also possible to save the link to the web based Messages client to the iOS desktop, making it function very much like a native app.

Thank you very much. I’ll look at Messages again. I tried it once several months ago and it wasn’t quite what I wanted.



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