Patience and the Future

Seems like a world of change across the entire cell phone business. New frequency bands, 5G, corporate buyouts, lots of different legacy phones at each network, wifi calling and TAC codes, etc… The future has a lot more cell uncertainty than I’ve experienced in the past. As I look to replace my 2 aging Galaxy S7s (one on CDMA) before June 2022 (death of CDMA, end of my annual RW 4.0 plan, etc.) I’ve been looking into all the major networks and their MVNO’s searching for the best way forward. First observation: NONE of them have anything like the RW Member Community. Even on network reddits the support and answers one asks for are just orders of magnitude less helpful. As I look to the future, the unknowns associated with new phones and new plans and all the industry changes, I find the RW advice for me to have patience and wait for the current RW difficulties to resolve is sound. I will soon be able to buy a new S21 on a 5.0 plan, have my numbers ported, and have wifi calling. I just need patience… at least until June.


As far as I’m concerned, any day that @southpaw posts something/anything in Community is another day that I’ll keep waiting, even with that sly fox Ryan Reynolds bugging me with that BOGO countdown timer running out – HEY RYAN KNOCK IT OFF READ MY CAPS: NO DOMESTIC ROAMING.


Hi everyone, I’m just letting everyone know that I have bought a plan & bringing @joystew back to RW. Times have changed and so do other’s plan prices. I hope to be back in the community & bore everyone with my strange wit, stupid comments & general knowledge on everything yet nothing all at the same time.


100% agree. And the few companies that do have a forum often don’t allow constructive criticism about the company.

Free speech is NOT guaranteed on a private message board. RW let’s us be pretty honest here with minimal to no censorship other than the occasional accidental phone number posted.

I’m not happy about my current 4.0 to 5.0 experience, but this community makes it much more tolerable. I also feel like they’re actively listening to us, even if they might not implement all of our suggestions.


Yet another reason I didn’t give in to the minty side of the force.

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