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I just got off the phone with Pay Pal customer service. I’ve been a customer with them since 2011 and a Republic Wireless customer since 2014, i think. Today Pay Pal decides to do a security check and requires me to register my cell phone with them in order to authenticate my identity. But it won’t accept Republic Wireless phones. Customer service there said the only thing i can do is get a different phone (I think he meant different provider). I really don’t want to do that. What can be done about this? This is crazy! Surely something can be worked out somewhere… I’d be so grateful for advice.


Hi @ingrids.fewmtk,

Is your Paypal account a business account, or a personal account?

I have two personal Paypal accounts. One is verified (did it sometime in the past) with a Google Voice number. After reading your post, I just verified the other with a Republic Wireless number.

I’m not sure why they would tell you it can’t be done.

Edited to add: I did this from my Paypal settings, but not as a response to a security check. Perhaps they use different rules for that process.

Text verification codes (2 Factor Authentication)

I’ve been able to verify a personal account for just basic stuff with a Republic number. However, they wouldn’t take it for a Paypal Credit account. In addition, the internet says they won’t take it for security checks after the initial setup (or other VoIP numbers either): and here:

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