Pay with bank account


Is RW going to make it so I can pay with my bank account directly, and avoid creating revenue for (evil) credit card companies?


We have no plans to change our billing methods. You can use debit cards so that the money is from the bank without using credit.



Yeah but there is still a transaction fee and commission that RW must pay, even for Debit (when used as credit, without a pin). So I’d still be contributing to the asinine $40 billion of revenue that these evil companies rake in.


Yes there are indeed transaction fees when processing debit card payments. Likewise, there are fees involved in Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, which is how direct debits to one’s checking account are generally processed. Evil credit card companies, evil banks, pick your poison. :slightly_smiling_face:


I too would like to see other payment options. Like PayPal.

I wonder if one could pay their R.W. bill in cash by visiting the pop up-store?

BitCoin or other anonymous currency would also be desired by some folks who do not trust banks or credit card companies. Many more companies are starting to accept that.


I choose the cheaper poison, please :grin:
Something tells me that’s ACH, but I actually have never googled that.
Also, I would consider it a step in the right direction if my credit union got some revenue from the transaction rather than one of the bigger, even more evil banks :joy:


Pop-up store?! I did not know there was one!!! Or are you joking :laughing:


Yes they have a physical store of some sort. I believe it is in Raleigh, NC


I shall drive there from Detroit-ish for my next payment :wink::sweat_smile:


If one is willing to convert their PayPal account to a business account (easy to do), it can be done today though a debit card is still involved: Alternative Payment Methods.

I’m certain the answer is no. Republic contracts with a third party payment processor. It has no ability to manually apply payments to a customer’s account.


Understandable. I’m a former banker. My experience is transaction costs for both ACH and credit/debit card transactions are determined largely by volume and perceived risk of chargebacks. For most businesses’, the volume of credit/debit card transactions is higher than ACH, therefore, in most cases credit/debit card transactions will be cheaper than ACH payments. Don’t get me wrong, I would be in favor of Republic offering an ACH option but I doubt they’d save money doing so.


That all makes great sense.
However, ifff RW did offer it, and ifff ppl used it, that would all change.
So there is a potential to save money. And/or have fewer and less grimy fingers skimming pennies from every transaction.
Few companies would rock the boat and pursue such a route. But RW is one of them :heart:

I am confident that it has the potential to be cheaper bc Planet Fitness does it that way. But I’ve done zero research to learn the details :slight_smile:


I have only researched (casually) the costs for accepting card payments


It’s not possible to determine what any particular business pays for merchant card services. That’s between them and their payment processor. Please keep in mind, Republic accepts AMEX and Discover as well as Visa/MasterCard). Generally, a single payment processor handles all of that. It is possible to research general information on what Visa/MasterCard takes as its piece of the pie but Republic isn’t paying Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover directly.

Ah, build it and they will come. :slightly_smiling_face: Sometimes that works and, well, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m willing to bet Planet Fitness is a far larger enterprise with more paying customers than Republic but I could be wrong. Scale makes a difference.

All of the above said, I’ll reiterate I’m not opposed to Republic offering the option. Were I still in the business, I’d be happy to sell the service to them.


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