Payment declined due to blocked card

Hello all,
I just received notice that my Oct. 13th payment was declined. Now, I know the reason it was declined. Because my credit/debit card has been blocked due to someone trying to use it fraudulently. Luckily the fraud was stopped by the security measures at my bank, but I still have to wait for the bank to send me a new card.

I understand that Republic charges a month ahead, so would I have time to wait for my new card to come in(they said it would be probably 7-10 days, but they said the way things are going it could be 22 days, but likely sooner), or would Republic shut off my service now because the payment was declined? I would rather not have to set up a different payment system, though I would set up through my bank account if Republic could do that, which I have read they don’t.

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Hi @sterlingh.uuleag,

I’m sorry you’re going through this, but I’m glad your bank caught the fraud before it got out of hand.

I want to be sure we don’t confuse anyone with this language. We charge on your billing date for the month beginning on that date and ending 30 days later. (Charged October 1 for service October 1-31). That may be very well what you mean, but I don’t want someone else to think you mean we charge a full month before the service is provided. (Like, October 1 for service November 1-30.)

No. We will send a few warning e-mails before we get around to shutting off your service.

We don’t even have to let it go that far, though. If you open a Help Ticket and let them know when you expect to have your card, they can work with you to make sure your service is not cut off until you’ve had a chance to pay the bill. We don’t want to lose members who are eager to pay their bills!

If you’ll let me know once you’ve opened your ticket, I’ll pop in and add a note to make sure the Help Team is clear on what action they need to take.


Blue Bird by American Express, look it up online, pick up a card kit at your local Walmart. You make an account, you put money on it. Go to Walmart curtesy counter and add amount you wish, no fees. Other places like Dollar General you can add money, but they charge a fee.


Thank you, I will do that. And thanks for the speedy reply!


Okay, I opened the help ticket as suggested.
Thanks again for your help!

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