Payment Declined?

I noticed my payment usually comes out of my account on the last day of each month. I got an email saying it would be coming out on the 31 of January. Checked my account…nothing for the last 3 days. So tonight, I got an email saying my “payment had been declined”. Yet my account has money in it. So I logged into my account, and RE-ENTERED the same debit card I always use. Just wondering if anyone else has had any problems.

Good Morning @margarett.ighibr,

We do see this experience from time to time. Generally, it’s the result of some change with the payment method. For example, a card’s expiration date or the CVC (3-digits on the back of the card) might have changed even though the card number itself didn’t. In any event re-entering the card info even if it’s the same typically resolves any issues.

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Thanks for responding. That is why I questioned why it was happening. The payment came out fine on Dec. 31st. Nothing had changed. I was a little confused, but it seems the payment came out so I guess it was resolved.

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