Payment Draft Keeps Increasing - Why?


I haven’t been active in the Republic Community since I bought my Moto X back in February 2014. I’ve gotten the emails with the new plan info, but haven’t formally gotten a new phone or plan.

So my issue is when I first signed up, it was $25 per month, plus taxes and fees which came to $30.57. But this year the draft amount has been going up and I don’t know why. In January it jumped to $32.31 and then it’s gone up a few cents in March, then a few cents more starting in April. Can someone explain why I’m being charged more? i don’t recall any fee change alerts or messages, so have the fees and taxes been increasing?


There have been no plan cost changes, the change must be to the taxes. You can check the details here: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless


If you go to
Account -> Invoices Center

Click on a monthly service…and then the small printer icon on the left along the left edge of the bill summary. That should give you a detailed invoice with all the taxes and fees.


Hi @kellye.8hce0p!

It’s very possible that the taxes have increased. They can fluctuate month by month so that could explain the small increases. You can see a breakdown in your monthly bill (sent to your email). You can compare different month’s statements and see which taxes have been increasing. You can find your statements here: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless and select “Show Taxes” to see the tax breakdown. I hope that helps!



Ok, thank you everyone! I went in to look and yes, the fees have been increasing. Irritating, but understandable.


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