Paypal account won't accept my RW number

Well, I just ran into what others have been ranting about and IT is an issue. PayPal has secured my account as I attempted to pay for a “one off” item that I very much wanted. I may well loose the purchase…all because they…paypal will not accept voip numbers as wireless for sms verification.
I am not upset with republic except…Somebody needs to hire a group of lawyers and it’s not me. Hopefully they (republic) have documentation of lost revenue and if I were to advise; I’d say “sue them all” including the FCC. (assuming they will consent). Customers complain regularly… The time has come!
Thanks, Potter

Well you may want to consider this: FCC Tell US Your Story

Hi @potters.4rsmut,

I’m curious. Was your Republic number previously added to your PayPal account profile? I’m asking because i have both my Republic number and a Google Voice (also VoIP) number attached to my PayPall account. To date, PayPal uses either for multi-factor authentication.

My number has been with PayPal for several years. They have it as home phone with mobile shaded out, I believe

correction: listed as "primary (mobile)

Hi @potters.4rsmut,

Are both your wife’s and your numbers with Republic? Have you tried verifying one or both numbers directly on PayPal’s website bypassing eBay?

My wife s # was already verified; I didn’t know that mine was not. Good suggestion though, I’ll try it. Potter

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