PayPal and Republic Wireless

I am trying to set up a new PayPal account and can not because Paypal says it can not recognize the Republic Wireless phone number.
Is there a way around this or any way to get it to recognize the phone number?

my experience yesterday and today is NO! Continual attempts evidently caused them to freeze my account. ie) No Buy or, more properly; No Pay

I have a PayPal account, but I opened it years ago when my RW phone number was my landline number. Since then I have closed my landline account and ported the number to my RW cell phone. I guess PayPal has no way of knowing that my old landline number is now a Voip phone, so I have no problem.

Have you tried calling PayPal’s Customer Service at 888 221 1161?

I have called, texted. Emailed till blue in the face. The product suddenly disappeared from both my shopping cart and my saved. It is no longer anywhere. No…not in sold or???. Something shady is going on… Potter

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