Paypal short codes stopped working

Sometime after Jan 15th, I stopped receiving my 2FA texts from paypal. I have a Moto Z Play, activated in December. The texts came through fine through Jan 15th, and before that on my X Gens 1 and 2. This week, nothing. I have changed nothing on my paypal or republic accounts since December.

I don’t know if it is related but I just reset the notification number for SMS on two places. One was Google voice where I was using a number as an intermediary. That might have started around the 15th because the notice sat in my inbox for a couple weeks at least.

The other one was a credit card that I don’t use much and its messages were going to the RW phone.

I’m wondering whether the split between RW and Bandwidth didn’t make one or both of them seem like a new entity to whatever system arbitrates SMS messages. For messages you get regularly you might come to notice it right away. I have several from which I rarely get a message though, and I’m not sure in every case how to test whether they are working or not.

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