Paypal vs Venmo

Never used Venmo my self…I fail to even see the point of it. It is just the same as PayPal or Google Pay/Apple Pay to me. Why use yet another payment service. PayPal is used in many many online places, like ebay as prime example for buyer and seller accounts.

Easier than Paypal. Paypal has made it more difficult for people to use with their fees etc.

? I enter persons email, amount and press send. 3 fast and easy steps.
U can skip the first step if u have already have sent them money before, then u just press their contact icon.
there are no fees to send money to “freinds and family”.
If my 98 yr old Great grandmother can figure out how to use PayPal app and finds it easy…anyone can.

It can get a little bit complex when u use the more business side of Paypal to make invoices for good and services, but it is still quite easy to use.

It still is odd that PayPal takes VOIP numbers…while Venmo does not.
I have been told Venmo is more geared towards those that use Social Media platforms theses days…so I would think more of that user base would have more VOIP based users.

Again, I have been using Paypal for years, and if I ask people to send to FRiends/Family, they can’t find it anymore. On the website (computer) it is difficult to find vs what it used to look like and I’m sure that was designed to help them make more fees. On the phone I would say it is also a problem because most are using their phones… but … they can’t find F/F to send payment.

Venmo doesn’t do that and it works on my RW phone… so don’t understand what the issue is with others…

The issue is the change to Venmo’s policy is relatively recent. At one time, Venmo was happy to accept VoIP numbers like Republic’s. Venmo didn’t go back and break that if it were already working but isn’t registering new VoIP numbers.

It’s also possible if one signed up for Venmo while their number was with a traditional service provider then transferred that number to Republic, it would still work after the transfer.

:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
On computer.
I see that Its now called “Send to someone you Trust” option in the full screen pop up that appears after u login, click send button, enter persons email…

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Whatever… not sure why this has become an argument. All I said was Venmo is now easier… Done.

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Not sure why why you think posting to a forum discussion board, and getting responses from users, is an “argument”.

Venmo may be easier for you to use, nothing wrong with that, and never contented that. PayPal is just as easy to use for others and works fine with RW numbers.

You said “they can’t find” the correct option. I did not know they renamed it, but regardless, it is impossible to miss the choice and u can’t move forward unless you choose. That is what i was showing you, and anyone else who reads the thread in the future may be informed on what option to select.

If the issue is that you need to send/receive money to someone, there are alternatives to Venmo that you can use and that is what those here are giving u suggestions for.

It is frustrating and sure, you have a valid complaint about Venmo…but remember, it is Venmo, not RW, or the FCC, that decided to not accept VOIP or RW numbers.
Maybe, if more users directly complain to Venmo, via email and/or their online support forums, then the company will consider making RW numbers an exception.
No one at Venmo is going to be reading these RW forums and the folks that voice their complaints over it.

RW far as i have read, has already reached out to Venmo, multiple times, but they refused there request.

As I understand it. Venmo is geared towards peer to peer. PayPal is geared to customer to vendor with peer to peer also. Venmo broadcasts transactions while PayPal transactions are private. To each their own.

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I think you might be confused. I replied to the poster, that I didn’t have a problem with Venmo or any other app that I use with my RW phone. So I guess it’s not an issue for everyone. I’m not dissatisfied with RW or Venmo… I wasn’t the poster who is having problems.!!

I’ve been with RW since 2012 and promote it regularly. Just wanted to let people know that for whatever reason I didn’t and don’t have an issue using Venmo on my phone. This of course has nothing to do with Paypal other than Paypal has changed their setup to be more confusing.

Yeah this was my take on it too. PayPal seemed to be more for the “older” crowd (25+) so my thought was Venmo came about as a way to win over the younger market and also take advantage of the social media influence by having public transactions and requiring some sort of note for each transaction, be that a message or emojis.


Far as I recall, PayPal was the first service of its kind. It was online payment service to others i had ever come across or heard of even wayback in the days of dial up internet.
Pretty sure it started out as only a thing to pay people, friends and family, but later branched out into business things and transactions, later adding Buyer Protections and partnering with Ebay to be their main payment and money handling system.

Ouch! :slightly_smiling_face:


For older folks like myself who have never used Venmo, but are very familiar with PayPal:

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Haha this is why I put older in quotes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Personally I use PayPal more often and the only advantage of Venmo for me is that some of my fellow below-25 people only use Venmo so that’s the only way to transfer money electronically

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I only use paypal cause it is required to sell on ebay.
I have used it a few times to send money or get money on the personal level when i buy something or sell something to a friend.

Lately, with the Pixel phone and Google Pay, i can just put the phone up to the other persons phone (who had Google Pay setup as well) and it just works to pay or get paid. Or just tap their contact icon or phone number.

Au contraire! With the exception of RW’s ingenious use, VOIP is old, transitional technology, used mainly for using household phones via the internet instead of telephone company wires… Most young people would not have the slightest idea what VOIP is as cell phones are their only phones.

Venmo is geared to young people as follows: “Venmo is a digital wallet that lets you make and share payments with friends. You can easily split the bill, cab fare, or much more.”

Yes and no. While a reasonable supposition for household use, overwhelmingly business telephony use is VoIP. VoIP also powers voice on apps used by some younger folks (WhatsApp, Skype as examples).

This is a fair point and not that they’d care but increasingly mobile phones use VoIP both in terms of wireless carriers use of WiFi calling and VoLTE. Neither, however, change the classification of wireless carrier numbers.

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And…PayPal can’t do these things?
Cab fare, who uses cabs??? Certainly not any young people, if they even know what that is. :rofl:
Uber and Lyft all have their own payment thing built into the app.

Who uses cabs? Obviously you don’t live in New York City. LOL!
And the key word in that sentence was “split.” That’s how my son uses it. A group goes out to lunch or dinner or hails a cab (or Uber) and one person pays the tab and the others “Venmo” their fractional share to the one paying. It’s the cashless equivalent of passing one’s share to the group member who mentally does the math and announces each person’s share.

And Venmo and PayPal are not in competition - Venmo is a division of PayPal, presumably because PayPal sees them as serving two different circumstances and/or communities.

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