PC access

I own a moto X Pure. I would like to be able to access the device’s storage on my PC

Plug it into a USB port on your computer. You will only be able to access some of the phone’s folders. After you plug it in pull down the notification shade to see what kind of connection you have.

Not sure what you mean comma boy notification shade

Put your finger at the top-center of the screen and swipe downwards. This will open the notification shade. Swipe down again and you will get an options shade too. To go directly to be the big shade swipe down with two fingers.

When you connect your phone using the USB cable it connects as

“USB for Charging” (displayed in the notification area when you slide one finger down from the top of the phone)

Tap on it and change it to “Transfer files (MTP)”

That should get all your folders to become accessible from the PC

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