Peek display . Phone doesn't wake up by tapping on sides

When on Peek display . Phone doesn't wake up by tapping on sides.Also Peek display seems to appear sporadically.

What phone do you have? G7 power

What plan are you on? 1gb data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

On Peek display . Phone doesn’t wake up by tapping on sides. I wonder if the case is causing this. Also Peek display pops on at sporadic times too.

Ouch, waiting 12 days for some response from the community is not normal.
I don’t have a Moto G7, but found that my Moto X4 has the same function available.
Did a quick scan of the available doc/help and here is what I have learned (so far)

  • Peek display is a function of the Moto App
  • Moto Display doesn’t use proximity sensors, it’s rather using super sonic waves that is responsible for its functionality.
  • By accessing the Moto App, you have two choices Moto Action & Moto Display
    • Moto Display will then display the Peek Display and have additional Settings/options for you to play with

Here is a link to a discussion on which walked a few folks through the process (including a miss-information step from the Motorola rep that went down the ‘failed proximity sensor’ path)

  • Good luck and post back with your experience, it’s how the rest of us can learn
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