People aren't getting pictures I text them


What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy S7
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 GB of data.

Issue Description

My wife and I both have Samsung Galaxy S7’s. We are using the Textra app for texting. When either of us sends a a text to an extended family member with a picture, they get the text words but not the picture. We have confirmed this with one family member that uses AT&T and has a samsung phone and another that uses AT&T and an iphone. We became aware of this in the past week and can reproduce it. We have been on Wifi when we discovered this, not sure if that is relevant. My plan includes 1 G of data.


First, I should start by saying that while Textra should work, it is not a supported messaging client for Republic, so while we can troubleshoot here, if we’re unable to resolve it’s unlikely that support will be able to help as they’ll recommend a supported (Android Messages or Republic Anywhere) client.

To understand this better, can you try a couple of things or provide some additional info? If you send a picture without text, does the picture get to these same recipients?

Are you willing to temporarily switch to Republic Anywhere and see if it works properly when you’re using it instead?


Make sure that the MMS behavior setting is set to System not Legacy or MMS fails. We are not a legacy MMS company we use the new System API of Android since we are a hybrid company.


Thanks, I switched to a different app (Android Messages) and it works fine now.


Sounds like the system setting was set to legacy. I do suggest our anywhere app. It is built by and for us.


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