People can hear me but I can't hear them

I have a MotoG3 and I am on the refund plan and my plan includes data. This is a three day problem now and my wife has an identical phone and her phone works fine so it’s not the wifi. And this is happening both at work and at home. And it happens whether I initiate the call or whether I receive the call. I have turned off the phone and restarted a couple of times. Any ideas? I have read about similar problems but haven’t seen any solutions that would seem to apply to my situation.

Hi @kalinefan,

You mentioned that it happens at work and at home - are you on Wi-Fi in both places?

Does it happen on cell?

It’s a three-day problem. Have you added or updated any apps in the last three days? Have you put a new case or screen protector on the phone?

Yes, I am on Wi-Fi in both places. No, so far it hasn’t happened on cell. No, I haven’t added or updated any apps except the ones that are updated automatically. No new case or screen protector. Thanks.

Is it a volume issue or can you hear nothing at all?
What happens if you switch to the speaker phone?

Try running in Safe Mode and see if you observe any change in this behavior.

If the problem just started, then the Safe Mode suggested by @AmitL is the way to go. This will temporarily prevent your 3rd party apps from loading.

  • You can always check and see which apps have been updated recently; just open Google Play Store /:menu: (menu) / My apps & games / INSTALLED (tab) / then sort by Last updated

This has happened to me a couple of times and the problem turned out to be a dirty earphone connection, causing the phone to think a headphone was plugged in when there wasn’t. Repeatedly inserting and removing an actual earphone, and forcing air into the connector hole solved the problem.

It does not appear to be a volume issue. I hear nothing at all. I just ran it in Safe Mode and it worked normally again. When I took it off Safe Mode, it still worked! So maybe that fixed it. Thanks!

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If it works normally in Safe Mode then it usually means that there is an issue with one of your downloaded apps.
If that is the case then it is possible the issue might recur. If that happens, take a look at your downloaded apps, especially any that might have been recently installed/updated when the issue appeared. Future debug…usually involves deleting such apps one by one until the issue stops.

If it doesn’t come back, even better!

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Or … it could mean that a simple phone Off/On power cycle would have fixed it?

  • However with the assumption that @kalinefan already did that … lets assume it is an app or app update (and the double boot cleared it up for now.
    • I would consider checking out which apps have received updates shortly before the problem began occurring.
      Access Google Play Store / :menu: (menu) / My apps & games / INSTALLED (tab) and sort by Last updated


No assuming needed.

Safe Mode prevents third-party apps from running. If a third-party app were responsible for the issue, booting into Safe Mode would clear up the issue. Rebooting out of Safe Mode would not necessarily make the issue resume. It might not come back until the app that is responsible once again reaches the unique set of circumstances that trigger the issue.

Thanks. If it happens again, I know where to start. Merry Christmas.


Hi @kalinefan,

Do those Moto G3s in your household need fresh cases to keep them safe? The Community Treasure Chest has a variety of cases for some of our legacy and early 3.0 phones that I need to find good homes for.

For the Moto G3, we have:

  • Moto Flip shells in Raspberry, Burgundy, True Blue, Teal, and Black
  • Otterbox Commuter in White (Glacier), Greenish white & Purple (Melon berry), and Black
  • Otterbox Defender in Black

Would you be able to give a couple of these cases a good home?

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