People cannot hear me when calling on wifi


I have a moto x 2nd gen. And recently, if I’m on wifi I can hear a call come in but when I answer they cannot hear me. I have to hang up then take it off wifi then call them back. This is on top of the fact that over thanksgiving I couldn’t make any calls even though I was connected to a wifi network. No idea what’s going on, but starting to get frustrated. Any thoughts?


The Moto X (2nd gen) was a workhorse that many of us relied on for a long time … it has had no OS updates that would be suspect, so I offer the following suggestion: (try them in order, but at a minimum #3

  1. *Boot up in Safe Mode
  2. *Clear Cache (system and App)
  3. Suspect your WiFi … start with a Power Cycle of your network then if necessary go through the other Quick Start checks


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