People can't hear me on new MOTO G Power

I truly hope someone will take the time to help me out. I have had the worst luck trying to get a functioning phone. I am on my 5th phone since March of this year. This past Friday I purchased a new 2021 Motorola g Power. I like the phone, However, receivers are only able to hear me sometimes. Apparently it either sounds muffled or I will cut out all together. Speaker phone works fine. I have never had such bad luck trying to have a functioning phone in my life. I have wasted lots of time and money. I ran a diagnostic and everything came back that the hardwire was functioning properly. I really don’t want to have to exchange another phone. Please help!

Since speaker phone works fine, you’re likely looking at some issue with one of the microphones. Make sure you don’t have anything blocking any of the microphone holes. Remove cases, screen protectors, etc… and see if call quality improves.

Here is Motorola’s guided troubleshooting for “callers cannot hear me:”

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