People can't hear me speaking on my Moto G5s plus

I just changed sim cards from one Moto G5s plus to another one. Now I can hear people talking but they can’t hear me. It happens on cell and wifi. I keep seeing "mobile link has stopped” not sure if it’s related.

Hi @markp.u0rqvo,

It looks like Mobile Link could be one of two things - an app you use to monitor your generator, or another cellular provider.

Are you sure this replacement Moto G5S+ is compatible with Republic Wireless? Do you have its model number handy?

Hi @markp.u0rqvo- @southpaw asks a good question about verifying the model number to make sure phone is compatible with RW. You should be able to use the following How to document to test and verify the phone - How to Confirm a Phone You Have or Will Purchase Is Compatible with Republic Wireless – Republic Help

Here’s the tech specs for the MotoG5S Plus from the RW site - Moto G5S Plus Tech Specs – Republic Help The compatible phone is Model Number XT1806.

You also stated you moved the SIM from one Moto G5S plus to another one. Are both phones using a GSM SIM from RW? This article gives some background about moving SIMs - Is It Okay to Swap SIM Cards Between Phones? – Republic Help

And here’s how to check the SIMs - Is My Republic Wireless SIM Card CDMA or GSM? – Republic Help

If the SIM card is already installed in your phone, you can verify the SIM type in your Republic app (Republic app version 3.21 and above)

One last step – you could restart the phone in Safe Mode and see if the issue is caused by a 3rd party app (like the one @southpaw pointed out). How to Enable Safe Mode on Alcatel A30, Motorola, Nexus, and Google Phones – Republic Help

Several things to check but the more information you share the better the chances that a Community Member can help fix the issue. Hope this helps!

Was the Moto G5s plus used on another carrier? Did you factory reset before installing the Republic Wireless SIM? I’ve run into issues recently with swapping SIM cards when changing from one carrier to another. As of late, Android seems to be very good at persistently holding some settings from one carrier that would be incompatible with another. The last carrier swap on my Pixel had me factory resetting without restoring any settings or apps. That’s the only way I could seem to populate new settings needed with the new carrier.

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Hi everyone… Thanks for the efforts, it’s greatly appreciated. I discovered the mobile link error message was from my generator app, I uninstalled it just in case but it didn’t help. The “new” G5 was always used with RW, no one else. I’ve already searched and tried all the suggestions above, nothing works. I’ve decided to give up and just buy another phone. I’m thinking maybe when I was trying to switch out the sim card I put my pin in the microphone hole and broke it.

Thanks again :blush:!

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