People say they cannot hear me

What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? Wifi & Data (1GB)

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes, data and talk and text.

Issue Description

People have been telling me they cannot hear me and that I am cutting in and out during calls. It happens regardless of whether I am on Wifi or Cell. I have found that if I put them on speaker phone or am connected to my cars bluetooth that they can hear me fine. This is during the same call. When they say they cannot hear or understand me, I will turn on the speaker phone and they say "now I can hear you". I have noticed in doing a google search on this that it seems to be a common problem. There have even been threads here, but they are closed. It would seem that it is something interfering with my microphone since they can hear me on speakerphone which would use the same microphone.
  • Do you have a recording app installed?
  • Boot up in Safe Mode to help eliminate interference from any app or recently applied update that could cause the problem

I did find a recording app installed so I have uninstalled it and will see if there is still a problem.

So removing the voice recording app did not help. People still cannot hear me. Very frustrating.

Have you tried Safe Mode?

If you have your in-call volume set to max… I would recommend you try backing it off and see if that improves your calling experience.

You’re right…the microphone is the same whether you are in speakerphone mode or in-ear mode…but our volume also naturally varies depending on the return volume from the listener…so if that’s maxed out…it may be affecting the volume at which you talk…when on speakerphone we naturally speak a little louder and that may have some impact to your experience.

It could still be a hardware/software issue…but trying to tackle it from another angle…if it helps.

I do have a couple of X4s in the house and we haven’t experienced these issues… granted it is a sample size of two…but just wanted to note that there isn’t anything generically wrong with this phone.

Hi @kevins.k2y5wk,

Do you change how you are holding the phone when you turn on speakerphone?
Do you have a case or screen protector on this phone?

I don’t believe I change how I hold it. I do have a case but it looks like all 3 of the microphones are clear. I did try cleaning the microphone this afternoon but haven’t had a chance to see if that helped.

Do you have your phone updated to latest software update?

Would you mind trying a few calls without the case just to see if there is any improvement?

Thought I would give an update. I tried cleaning the microphone on my phone with a little alcohol and it seems to be working better. Could be coincidence as my wife would tell me that sometimes she heard me fine before and sometimes she couldn’t understand me. I might just be going through a good time right now.

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