Person I call cannot hear me unless i put them on speaker phone

When I call someone they are unable to hear me unless I turn put them on speaker phone. This started a few days ago and I have no idea what I might have done.

I’d start by placing a test call with the phone in Safe Mode to see if an app is causing the problem.

Safe Mode

If that isn’t it is their any lint in the microphone hole?

My phone started doing the same thing tonight. I tried calling in Safe Mode and it only works on Speaker or with head phones. I’ve made sure there isn’t any lint. What do I do now?

I cannot hear anything from the caller and the caller cannot hear me. It rings normally but there is no verbal communication.

Hi @charlesh.dqmi65

Very sorry for the late reply, but your inquiry was posted in a thread 8 months old. Please feel free to just start your own.

It is important to include your device model and any noninvasive information your can provide, as we are just experienced customers with some extra access. These documents are a good ones, in case any readers have not seen them.

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We got the problem fixed. We disabled Bluetooth then restarted the phone and it works fine now.

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