Phantom calls from other phones on the account

In the past 30 minutes each of the 2 phones on my account has received a call from the other phone on the account, except a call wasn’t actually placed from the other phone, nor does it show up in the “caller’s” call history. For example:

3:30 pm Phone #1 receives a call from Phone #2. The call is answered and nobody is on the line. Phone #2 call history doesn’t show placing a call to Phone #1. Republic’s My Account page shows the incoming call to Phone #1 but not the outgoing call from Phone #2. A few minutes later, the exact same thing happens except the roles are reversed.

Seems logical that perhaps these calls originate from outside the network with Caller ID spoofed. The 2 numbers are quite a bit different (same area code but different exchange). The knowledge of the other numbers tied to the account seems a little scary to me. Has anyone else seen something like this?

Hi @mbd,

This is a very unusual issue you’ve described, and not something we typically see reported.

I’m seeing both calls on the server for both service lines, though I agree there’s something bizarre about how one of the calls is reported. I suspect this is some sort of strange glitch on our server rather than a call spoofing situation where someone knew there was a relationship between the phones. Please let us know if it happens again, though.

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Thats happened to my mother a few times over the last couple years.
She insists i called her, as her phone rang and it was my contact that came up, but dead air.
She calls me, nope, i never called her.
No record of “Ghost Call” on either phone.

Have a few question:

  1. The last person you called was it to the one that received the phantom call?

  2. Was the phone on your person or just sitting on it’s own?

  3. Could there have been an inadvertent command or key word that Google picked up on and dialed the number? The recipient would have gotten dead air, because you were not there to respond to their Hello.

  4. Do you use a password, pin, etc to lock the screen?

  5. Was the dialer or contacts open in memory on the phone. For example, you make a call, hangup, do you clear the memory after that or leave the dialer open or contacts?

I asked these questions, because I have a friend that has done 1 to 4 of the above and I usually get these phantom calls from her after I have called her and left a message. I once got a call from her when her phone was in her bag! I once did 5 to my brother. Left the Favourites part of contacts open and inadvertently dialed him.

  1. I checked the phone and account histories, and it was not in either case.
  2. In my case, the phone was sitting on my desk next to me. In my wife’s case, it was either in-hand or sitting next to her.
  3. This is what I thought must have happened at first. But since the outgoing call isn’t recorded in My Account or in the phone that supposedly made the call, that’s what made me suspicious, combined with the fact that the same eerie event occurred a few minutes later but in the other direction. If it is what happened, I don’t understand the mechanism.
  4. One phone does, the other does not. The phone with the pin may have been unlocked based on location.
  5. Most likely the dialer/contacts is left open in normal use.

There is definitely something strange going on. I used to get call backs when on old legacy phone and there would be dead air on the other end. I believe the call was coming through the underlying number. This would happen when I made a call and it didn’t go through and would try again. After completing the call, I would get the ring back from cyberspace.

Hi @mdb,

Have you had any further instances of these calls?

I have not

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