Philosophy of Community Participation

I don’t think this type of post where a user runs to the defense of Republic is useful to the original poster or Republic for that matter. People have different preferences, needs, and opinions. I think it is important for Republic to hear these opinions and attempt to retain dissatisfied customers. I think Southpaw’s previous post is a perfect example of how an unsatisfied customer should be handled. It’s sad that many of the regular users here ignore the purpose of this forum.

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And you seem to know “the purpose” of this forum?
You and others here are free to express their opinions and experiences openly.
You can jump to conclusions and judge others posts base don your own bias as you wish…
But, to be frank, no one asked you to be the “Forum police”.

And i addressed that.

Second, defend RW or not, fact remains, the plan the OP wants, a super cheap Unlimited plan, does not exist anywhere in the industry. As it stands, RW currently offers one of the most affordable plans for there is for low mobile data users.

Also, you are posting to the RW community, the forum is full of happy RW users.
There is little actual RW employees in here…aside from SouthPaw.
So, of course, this venue, u are gonna be chatting with folks that use are advocated thier good experience for their service and to try and help trouble shoot with those that are having issues.

Me too! :slight_smile:
That’s why I gave it a :heart: (you might too if you liked it) :wink:


Well…thats pretty much her job here…and as an RW employee Community Manger.
And she good at it.


Very good at it :slight_smile:


Can I request these past few posts get split into a new topic praising Southpaw? I can’t handle any attention being taken away from me.


Republic exists as a company because they saw something that didn’t exist anywhere in the industry. I do not believe it would be a good idea for the company if they now limit themselves to only what exists elsewhere. They no longer have a unique service and they are not the most affordable plan anymore. Many of the die hards suggest unsatisfied customers to change with the times, but customers aren’t the only ones that need to change with the times.

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It’s sad that this type of response is not only tolerated, but receives 3 Likes from other members of this forum.

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Notice how my post followed the Community Guidelines and critiqued the post and not the poster. My comment also brings to light issues that might cause this forum to not be the welcoming place that is mentioned in the Community Guidelines and in Southpaw’s bio of what her intentions are.

I’m glad you are all for Free Speech, but I’m sure if I said “Ponies are one of ■■■’s most pointless creations.” you would for sure flag me.

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It always been my understanding, that the “Ambassadors” labeled on here are just hand picked long term Community Members who are just normal customers. Who are well versed in RW’s products and have proven to be trustworthy, thus were recognized as such and given a few powers on the forums, perhaps to edit and post in certain categories or things, and have a slightly higher ability to directly contact a RW staff member.

Quote from the forum tag description:
“The Ambassadors :ambassador: are a group of members who engage with the Republic staff to bring up issues and provide a coordinated customer voice. They will always endeavor to help guide, enlighten and educate both other members and Republic Wireless as needed.”

The “Experts” are a step level higher. They are further well trusted Community Members that are also customers, but are given further access to the RW Community powered Customer Service model, to answer the Help chat and Help Ticket Requests. To handle/filter lower level, common trouble shooting and and non-account access level support requests. And to escalate Help requests to the proper higher level RW staff. Some, but not all of them, may be active in the public Community Forums.

Quote the forum tag description:
“Experts are members so knowledgeable about Republic Wireless that they have been handpicked to help our support team answer, troubleshoot and respond to other customers.”

Now, is this a “hired” or paid job? Hiring independent remote workers for C.S. tasks is very very common thing. That could very well be a legit paid position, with a W-2 and all of that…or it could be just one of those things like you “get paid” to go through surveys online or install and use apps on your phone etc. You are not an employee or on payroll of that company at all in that case.

Seems to me that it is a standard “Level” system that any CS or Tech Support company or service would have in some fashion.

Level 1: Community Forum / Ambassadors
Level 2: Experts
Level 3: RW staff Support Team

Even if the “Experts” are compensated for their work in some monetary way, (to which RW has no obligation to disclose) the private tickets and other support given in those areas, has nothing really to do with their involvement in the Public, free to anyone, Community Forums. At least in my viewpoint.

RW staff, feel free to correct me if i got anything wrong.

Message an
Expert customer