Phone activation, new account, can't access?


Moto X

Basic Plan-Talk&Text.
my old flip just died. today I factory reset and activated my wife’s old Moto X phone. I got an activation confirmation and wanted to log in to try to try to port my old flip phone number.
I cannot login, getting error: “Your email and/or password did not match.”

I set up the account using the moto x phone and maybe my fat ole fingers mistyped something incorrectly??? Suggestions?? Help!!


If you received an activation confirmation by e-mail, then you’ve apparently only forgotten your password. See the following for password reset information:


says…We’re sorry, but we don’t have an account associated with that email address??


Did you receive a confirmation email? If so are you logging in using the email address to which that activation email was received?


didn’t get an email, rather a notification on the phone, but don’t know how to get it back?


Send an e-mail to and ask for help in recovering/changing your login credentials.


Thanks…I’ll give that a try…appreciate your help!!


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