Phone activation

I would like my phone activated, lost my credit card, had to get a new one then failed to give you the knew info. I have submitted new card info.

if the cards been updated in your account


Account Management | Republic Wireless

then it should be just a matter of activating the phone though the Republic App

Activate My Phone

Hi @robertk.fzozhi,

Do you know if service to your phone was terminated or merely suspended as the result of the unfortunate late payment?

If the latter, payment will be taken and service restored within a few hours of having updated your payment information.

If the former, then @drm186 is correct about the need to reactivate using the Republic app on your phone. If this is the case, your phone will not activate with its’ previous number. You’ll be assigned a new one. If you wish to attempt to retrieve the old number, please raise a help ticket here: Republic Help.

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