Phone advice! I'm sick of my Moto G 3rd edition

Needing a new phone, but don’t really understand what a lot of specs even mean with phones these days… My Moto g 3rd edition really sucks- it’s super slow and I guess that’s because of the small amount of RAM in it, from what I gather. Needing to upgrade. It seems like Moto G5 plus seems good, but do I need the more expensive version?? Other than my Moto 3 being laggy it’s been fine- I do run out of storage sometimes if I let apps or vids build up… Basically I’m not the pickiest guy, I don’t need the “best” or whatever when it comes to my phone. The slowness over time drives me crazy though.
If any of these other cheaper phones that Republic currently offer are step ups from what I have, I’m interested!
$200+ is a whole lot of money to me so I just figured I’d attempt at gathering some knowledge before I pull the trigger… Thanks guys. Long time republic member + fan.

The mid to higher range supported phones for the 3.0 plans are most certainly better than the “legacy” phones.
With the exception of the Alcatel A30…that model is bottom budget device.
The Moto E4, Smasung J3, J7 I would say are equivalent to the Moto G 3rd gen spec wise.

I would recommend the Moto E4 Plus, or G5 Plus, or X4 if you truly want an upgrade.
Some of the BYOD phones that R.W. supports can also be found for a good deal.
Moto Z for example.

Life support for your Moto G (3rd Gen) may be as close as a Clear Cache … be sure to do both System and App portion. I that doesn’t give you some relief a Factory Reset before giving up might be in order.


My advice, get the larger storage if you can afforded it, the 64 GB version of the Moto G5 Plus/G5S Plus have 4 GB of RAM compared to 2GB/3GB also the Android operation system keeps getting larger taking up the space [apps are also increasing in size]


i had the Moto G 1st generation (8GB) and upgraded to the Mogo G5+ (64 GB). While the extra storage is nice, the biggest improvement (for me) was the better camera and larger screen. I’m stingy on storage and use mostly mobile websites instead of bloated apps. An example is Facebook. I have a link on my wallpaper that looks like an app, but it’s really a shortcut to the mobile Facebook site. If you can free up storage this way and keep your cache clear, you may see a significant speed improvement.


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