Phone and computer won't communicate


moto x / pc running Win10

when I plug my phone into my pc, the pc does not show it under devices/drives or give any other promp regarding a connection.
all other devices are recognized and functioning properly
I have tried connecting with both the “MTP” and “PTP” settings on the phone…
also tried “add a device” from “Control Panel” on pc. It says “no devices found”.

also, the physical connection I’m assuming is fine b/c the phone does charge while plugged into usb

anyone know how I might fix this?



Hi @jamesb.r04llc,

Which version of the Moto X is it?

Have you tried a different cable? Some cables are for charging only and will not allow the computer to recognize that an external data source has been connected.



yes… I did, but I just tried another and that was it.
had no idea some cables were only for charging…

are there any indicators on the cable that differentiate?



I don’t believe there’s any standard that you can count on to indicate whether the cable is for charging-only, data-only, or both. It is usually indicated on the package when you buy a cable, but I’ve only seen a few where it is also indicated on the cable.

I’m glad it was something easy to solve!



This problem nearly drove me crazy with my most recent phones.
With my older Moto G1, when I plugged it into my iMac, the Android icon would turn into a Motorola icon, and it told me that it was checking for an upgrade. When finished, it would go away and just sit there. I figured out that after it checked for the upgrade, I needed to unplug, then re-plug the USB connection which then got me to the files window. This upgrade check would happen everyday, so I got used to the plug-unplug-replug routine.
Until I got my Moto G5+. Then the phone would just sit there. No checking for upgrade…nothing. Then I learned that once plugged in, I had to go to the local screen and swipe down from the top. There it was! By default the phone was in the charging mode, and I had to select file transfers to get the files window back on my iMac.

It seems that each phone has it’s own way of doing things.


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