Phone and SIM card ordered through Swappa - will I be forced to create new account?

About 2 months ago, my phone took a quick bath in a cup of water. Surprisingly, it still works, mostly. BUT about once a week or so, I get an error that either there is no SIM card installed, that the SIM card is malfunctioning or that the SIM card is not authorized for voice. So, I know that could be an issue with the card itself but since it started RIGHT after the accident with the phone, it’s likely to be the phone itself. Also, my phone microphone is going out. (People can barely hear me unless I put on a headset or am on bluetooth in my car. So I ordered a new phone off Swappa and had them send a new Republic SIM card as well. But then I started wondering if that was the correct way of doing it - or should I have contacted Tech Support to get a new SIM card instead of adding it to the order? My main worry is that it will try to treat this as a new account rather than letting me use it to replace my current phone…I’ve been around almost since the start, so I don’t want to lose my beta discount. Or will it let me sign into my account when I activate it & choose to replace the old phone rather than adding it as a new phone #/new account.

Hi @genie86333,

What you did is fine. The SIM card will actually come from our Help Team, who will check your coverage before sending it. When you activate the replacement phone, just as you described, you’ll sign into your existing account in the Republic app, and you’ll be given the option to add a new line or move your current number to the new phone.

Nothing about getting the SIM card with the SWAPPA order will force you to create a new account.

I hope you’ll enjoy your new phone for a long time! What kind did you get?

Thank you, Southpaw. As always you are so helpful! Got a Moto X4. Current one is a G4, so a nice change. Now to keep it away from cups of water!

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New phone is charging as it came totally dead. I hope everything else goes smoother than the sim/SD card insertion. First the tray wouldn’t open…finally got it open and, oh my goodness…those trays are SOOOO fiddly. Took about 20 minutes just to get both cards in their proper slots and to stay in their proper slots while i tried to put the tray into the phone. LOL.

I always cringe when I see someone try to install a SIM card while just holding the phone. No… put the phone down on a table. Trust me. You’re going to drop the SIM card at least once and you don’t want to have to look for it on the floor.

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