Phone and text plan buying data?

If I purchase the just the phone and text plan, can I purchase the additional 4GB of data as I need it? Also will the unused 4GB of data usage rollover every month? I only use on average 30mb of data a month (yes, mb, lol)

Which Phone are you using
all current 3.0 Phone will use the My Choice plans [4.0] ($15 {for phone and text}+ $5 per GB)
on My choice plans there is no roll over or data Refund
if on a legacy phone {custom ROM Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, G3} the Republic 2.0 Refund plan does have refunded data but the cost of that data is 3x as much (the call and text base plan is $10 but each GB is $15 and unused data is refunded)

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What I am trying to say is if I bring my own phone and just purchase the phone call/text plan only, can I purchase the additional 4gb of data on that plan and any data that is unused, will the unused data rollover each month?

Correction, I mean if I purchase an additional 1GB of data under the phone call only/text plan.

the My choice plans which the BYOD Phones use does NOT have Data Rollover

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Thank you.

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Hi @edwards.9u6i07,

Since cell data does not rollover on Republic’s My Choice plan, I suggest adding data as needed on the fly as described here: How to Add One-Time Data to Your My Choice (4.0) Plan – Republic Help. This may be done in 1 GB increments, so you would be able to limit the amount of cell data left on the table purchasing larger amounts only during months when it’s needed.

If you happen to be replacing an older Republic phone, may we know its brand, model and generation, please?

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