Phone app -airplane mode error

G Power, Android 11, phone app v66.0.380285619

I’m on airplane mode at home due to poor cell reception. Just started seeing this error message. I am attempting to make a wifi call, not a cellular call.

Ps - after trying a few times, it seems to appear randomly.

Please forgive the obvious questions, however, have you manually reenabled WiFi after engaging Airplane mode? And, have you verified the phone is actually connected to WiFi when you see the message? The intermittent nature of the message suggests the possibility of the phone disconnecting from WiFi in which case the phone would prompt one to seek cellular signal.

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I have also been seeing this happen. It works on some devices but not on others. My S21 can do it, and it’s on 11. The odd thing is that you can dial with a “1” in front of it on affected devices, and it will start working. Afterwards, you no longer have to dial a “1” (until you reboot I believe). See Can't make wifi calls when in airplane mode? - Google Fi Community .

@rolandh , yes

Seeing the “1” fix in google searches. I’ll poke more at that.

OK. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note20 and a Google Pixel 4 XL sitting next to me now in Airplane mode with WiFi manually reenabled. So far, I’m unable to duplicate.

No worries. i’m going to start to look for a pattern, as it’s intermittent.

All of my phone numbers have a “+1”

Got the error again this morning. If I enter the number manually, I don’t get the error. If I then press the phone icon for the contact, the call also goes thru. At some point, the error returns.

I guess it’s an android/phone app error. I am on airplane mode 100% of the time at home because I have a poor signal, and it impacts battery life.

I’ve tried all the suggestions in the post. A Google search did not yield anything useful.

I cleared phone app storage and cache. I rebooted. Now, I get the following message: "Cellular network not available for voice calls.”

I tried resetting the republic connection, and initially got a “not connected” message. After about 20 seconds, it changed to .connected." Why would I lose the connection for WiFi calling?

Call still doesn’t go thru. I guess I’ll reactivate.

Update: I reactivated. When I get the “airplane mode” message when attempting a call, I see that Wifi is not connected (via "reset republic connections). If I do a reset (and it can take several tries), the wifi connection is re-established. I can then make a call while in airplane mode. So, it appears that I get the error when the phone realizes that a wifi call is not possible, then dings me for being in airplane mode. Makes sense. Now I have to figure out why I keep dropping my wifi connection to the republic servers.

So, things worked for a bit, then a call failed today. I tried calling my wife’s phone. We’re both on WiFi at home. Her phone did not ring and went straight to voicemail. I reset the connections on both phones, and the phone rang, and the call went thru.

I made several calls while on an AP at my pool. No issues. We both came inside, and the phones switched to the inside router. One would think that would be a problem, but…

Also, when I get the “turn off airplane mode to make a call” error, it means that I don’t have a WiFi calling connection to the server. If I do a reset, the error goes away.

FYI - still get the error ever so often. The error goes away if I reset the connection.

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