Phone app and data usage

My wife works at a store where she doesn’t have wifi access. We each have 1GB of data every month, but she often finds herself running out before the end of the month. The two big apps she uses are the RW Anywhere app and Discord, which aren’t huge data hogs. She doesn’t have any of the typical data-heavy apps installed except YouTube, which she doesn’t use (so no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Today she noticed that, out of around 28 MB of data used so far, 15 of those came from the Phone app. We’re perplexed at this, because she didn’t make any calls and only used it to retrieve visual voicemail. She has a Moto z4.

Is the Phone app supposed to use this much data? Because we’re trying to figure out how to save on data usage, and it’s weird to see the basic Phone app be the largest data user.

My phone app consumes about 1MB per billing cycle… based on the past three months history stored in the
Settings → Network and Internet → Data Usage → App data usage

15MB does sound high…but likely not the cause of running out of 1GB monthly data.
Visual Voicemail does download an mp3 file to your phone…so it is possible that that is the source of data usage. But would have to fairly lengthy voicemail(s) to add up to 15MB.
Is that for the whole month or just few days into the billing cycle?

You may want to look at this to review the app data usage in the RW app and try to zoom in on specific dates and see if that data usage lines up with when you accessed visual voicemail.

My best guess for your high data usage would be your play store settings.
You may want to check if you have that set to auto-update apps. If so, you can change
that to only auto-update over WiFi or Don’t auto-update apps.

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