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Hi. I couldn’t find anything on the Internet, but it’s hard to know what to search for.

When I go to my Phone App, it brings up the Tiled screen - I think orderd by most recently called folks. All you have to do is touch one of the tiles and it calls the person automatically. This is not cool. Part of my issue is that I would like to make a call without putting on my glasses.

I’d like to do one or more of these things:

  • Require confirmation before calling if I touch a tile
  • Move the dial pad icon to the top and/or make it bigger
  • Make Contacts the default when I go the Phone app (but then, I would want to add the Dial Pad to that screen)

Also, I assume the best way to call 911 is to just say “Google, call 911”. For obvious reasons, I don’t want to test this out.

Thanks, Jerry


The Phone App is either the standard Android App or a variant provided by the particular manufacture. Republic doesn’t have any control of this, but there are many alternatives by 3rd party developers published in Google Play

  • You might want to update the thread with the particular phone you are using and perhaps the community will provide some tested alternatives.


Okay the App Info says version 3.00.00 - I assume it’s the Android standard, but you tell me. I have a Moto E4. Thanks for any help.

It IS okay to ask Android questions here, right? Because people seem to reply “Republic doesn’t have any control over this” to my questions. If I thought it were a Republic issue, I would go to Customer Support, not this Forum - I thought this forum is for Android question.


It’s ok to ask any question in the forum :slight_smile: … I just added the “Republic doesn’t have any control of this” to set expectations for others who may see the thread.
I don’t have an E4, but hopefully someone will respond that has picked an 3rd party dialer and likes it


The native phone app or dialer app has its issues. I like this one


Really? I have to go through THIS again? Where you all suggest various Apps and I have to then download each app and test it out? Really?

Is there at least an Andriod Phone 3.00.00 help page? When I searched all I got was Download pages


Felt your pain until I learned. No need for another app.

The tiles are added to your speed dial automatically.

To prevent accidentally touching the tiles they can be easily removed. Touch and hold dial, X Remove will appear above the tiles and drag tile up to remove.


Phone 3.00.00 is Motorola’s version of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Phone app for the Moto E4 and E4+. It’s the version on the E4+ in my household.

For better or worse, the app behavior you object to is how it’s designed to work. I’ve perused the available settings on my E4+ and see nothing that will change the default behavior.

Among your options is to replace Motorola’s stock phone app with something else you might like better as suggested by @amitl. Alternatively, the method suggested by @williamo.vkbg0s can be successful, however, Motorola’s phone app will continue to create new tiles (which are favorites), so you’ll need to periodically repeat. Lastly, you might try an app like Call Confirm, which adds an extra step before a call will dial out. I went ahead and installed Call Confirm on my E4+. It appears to function as intended. More on Call Confirm:


Thanks, @williamo.vkbg0s. This works and might work for me in the long run as I make few calls. However, as @rolandh notes, every single time you make a call (or text?), it adds that tile back in and you have to delete it again. So, would be too painful for most people.

Anyway, for now, I can run my finger all over the default “Favorites” screen and the only thing that could happen is that I get the dial pad. Well, if I actually run my finger TOO much, it goes into the History screen.

Just figuring out how to swipe the right amount is occupying most of my time (first smart phone) without installing new apps, etc.


I found this online (once I added “Favorites” to my search):

“when in the Favorites section, you can tap on the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner, and tap “Clear Frequents” to remove all numbers except those that are actually “starred/marked” as Favorites. This is decidedly easier than tapping and dragging each number to the “Remove” trashcan.”

It’s too late for me, especially if I want to keep the Favorites clean, but, if you’re cleaning up for the first time, this will make it easier


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