Phone app (native Android?) not working with contacts

What phone do you have? Galaxy S8

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data included

Issue Description

Recently, my phone app has stopped being linked to the contacts. By this I mean that when someone in my contact list calls me, their contact record (their name) does not show up.

In addition, the “Recents” tab in the phone app is empty. Even if I make a call or receive a call, nothing shows up in the “Recents” tab at all.

I think this started in the past few days, and to my knowledge there has been no updates to the native android system during that time. About two weeks ago I received a system software update, I appear to be on Knox level at this time.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.

We’ve been seeing lots and lots of reports of this with Moto phones, and I’m experiencing it with my LG phone (not on Republic) but this is the first mention I’ve seen of this on a Samsung. Any chance you’ve configured the Samsung App that cleans the phone to run regularly?

I’m not aware of an app that cleans the phone regularly, so if there’s something like that running it was set without my knowledge.

At any rate, after 3-4 days of working as I described, this morning my phone app is back to normal - the call log is present, and the contact links are there. I have no idea what happened to break or fix this situation.

… and now again, as of yesterday, I’m back to the same status. No “recents” in the phone app, and phone app doesn’t appear to be connected to the contacts.

I’m not aware of any updates or cleaning apps.

Yesterday, my phone requested a re-register to Republic. Once I’d gone through that process, the recent calls came back.

Now today, just now, my phone again requested me to re-register to Republic again. Now the recent calls are gone again.

Is there a way to manually re-register to Republic (since that seems to be the catalyst for my problem)?

The above said, you shouldn’t need to do so regularly. If you haven’t tried it already, I’d suggest removing, then reseating your S8’s SIM as well.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Re-registering manually did not have the same effect (resolving my issue) as before. I reseated the SIM card as well, still having the same issue with recent call history missing. In addition, no call history is being recorded while the phone is in this status - when the call history comes back, nothing that was done in the interim is shown in the call history.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi @jamesb.pddrxm,

Candidly, i’ve not seen another instance of intermittently disappearing call history on the phone. Perhaps, resetting the Phone app’s data will help? Presuming your S8 has updated to Android 9 Pie, here’s the how to:

I reset the phone app data several times a day (when I’m experiencing this problem), and it doesn’t seem to have any affect on the problem.

I force stop the phone app, clear cache and clear data, then restart the phone and it’s still the same.

I seem to have 4 apps called “phone” when I switch the Settings>Apps> list to “Show System Apps”. I’ve tried the same action on all four instances at the same time - still no change.

15 days later, my call history is back. Nothing was recorded in the call history during the outage. I have no idea why it went away or came back.

Is there a way to see what was most recently updated on the phone? The main system software has not been updated since April, so that’s not it.

Thanks for any insight you may be able to offer.

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