Phone app not working periodically

I dial a number and the screen goes blank. I can hear the automated message but I cannot access the phone app to respond… I have to reboot my phone. Then a message pops up saying the phone app is not working. so I close it.

Plus my voicemail app is not working. I have to reboot my phone to activate the voicemail. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. When it does, I shrink the screen to keep it active. I don’t know if this interferes with my phone app.

Hi @joh.4f0rhs,

May we know the brand, model and (if applicable) generation of the involved phone, please?

Motorola G7 Play.

Hi @joh.4f0rhs,

Thank you for the additional context! Please see if uninstalling updates to Google’s Phone app helps:

Doing so may very well ease both issues.

The prompts do not match what I see. If I go to the Search and type in Phone, it doesn’t pop up Phone by Google.

Do you know why there are issues with the phones and when Google plans on fixing them? The updates changed the appearance of my calculator and calendar apps. I would trade those in a heartbeat for a phone that works.

Are you searching from within Google’s Play Store app? You need to be doing so from within the Play Store app rather than Android Settings.

The visual voicemail update is apparently the result of a recent update by Google to its Phone app. The message saying the Phone app has stopped may be related to an update but is probably just a random glitch. Uninstalling Phone app updates should help with both issues.

As for the change in appearance of certain Google apps such as the Calculator and Calendar apps that is, as far as Google is concerned, a feature not a bug.

I am searching from the Google Play Store. There is only one search window and that is what I am searching from.

I figured the appearance is still an update otherwise I wouldn’t have the new appearance. I would still trade this not real update for a voicemail that works ( not working for a few weeks) and my p hone having glitches

Not trying to be grumpy. It is hard to find the right words so the tone doesn’t come across as grumpy.

Hi @joh.4f0rhs,

It’s not a matter of your being grumpy. I am, however, perplexed because if you are searching from within Google’s Play Store app, Republic’s guidance should work for you. Would you be able to post a screenshot of what you see when searching in Google’s Play Store app?

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I don’t know how to do a screehshot.

Can you type the word “Phone” in the search at the top so we can see the results you are being shown?

My husband’s phone is also having the same issue now. He has the same phone as I do. I was hoping to buy a Samsung and not have this issue along with the voicemail. Except we have a budget which limits our choice of phones.

I don’t know why capitalizing the word phone matter but this is the one you want:


There is no Uninstall option only Open.

Hi @joh.4f0rhs,

If you tap the seemingly blank white space to the left of the Open button, does Uninstall show itself?

I tried to call Sears 800 number on my husband’s phone and the screen went black and did mine when I called it. My husband was able to call a relative from his contacts and there wasn’t an issue.

I called a different number once before and it was an 800 number or some number that was automated and asked me to dial a one. The screen went black there too. Is it still a phone update.

The voicemail issue you mention is definitely a Phone app issue and the mentioned issue with the Phone app stopping (which is likely contributing to what you just reported) is also a Phone app issue.

Absent the voicemail issue, I would have suggested uninstalling Phone updates, restarting the phone itself, then reinstalling Phone app updates. Because of the voicemail issue, I’m suggesting you uninstall Phone app updates and leave them uninstalled.

Hi @joh.4f0rhs,

I’d like to suggest that perhaps the screen going black is the phone behaving exactly the way it’s supposed to behave.

Your phone has a little gizmo in it called a “proximity sensor.” On many phones, it’s integrated into the same opening as the selfie camera. What this gizmo does is sense when your phone is in close proximity to some object. If the phone is in a call at the time, and it senses that something is close to the screen, it will turn the screen black. It does this because if you are holding the phone to your ear, you don’t want your ear and cheek (for those of us with chubby cheeks) to start pressing phone screen buttons and causing all sorts of trouble.

If we see someone saying that the phone stays black in all calls, all the time, we would suspect that either there’s a case or screen protector on the phone that’s covering the proximity sensor, making it think something is close to it, or that the proximity sensor is broken. When we see someone say it happens only some of the time, it may simply be how you’re using the phone. When you have to press a button during a call, you just want to be sure that your hand doesn’t approach the phone from the angle of the proximity sensor. It may be worthwhile to use your phone to call your husband’s phone, set both of them down, and see if the screen is black. If it’s not, try waving your hand over the screen from this angle or that angle to get a sense of where the proximity sensor is.

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