Phone app required for bluetooth?

Is there an app (phone app that is) required to connect the phone to a computer via bluetooth? I can select the device and pair it. The phone shows the connection code and lets me click OK. It connects for about 2 seconds and then immediately disconnects. I’m honestly not sure if I should suspect hardware failure. I say that because I had to return the 1st android phone for bluetooth hardware failure right out of the box. The replacement worked on day 1 but failed very shortly after. I’m on phone #3 now which is a Moto G 3rd gen. This is the same failure scenario I remember from the broken phones. If there’s a known bluetooth hardware design flaw on all these, I’d like a blunt answer on that so as not to waste any more time. (I know I bought the cheapest phone and I’m fine with that.) But if there’s a required phone app or something and it’s actually possible to make work… I’m listening! I can tell you that bluetooth is fully functional on my Mac. Currently running OSX 10.10.5 Thanks!

Hi @jimn.oqnotg ,

There’s no app required to connect your phone to your computer via Bluetooth. An app might be required depending on what you’d like to accomplish by having them connected. More information on that might help Community better help you.

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