Phone as a gift


I have a Republic account and my mom has her own as well. Can I secretly buy her a phone and then have it connected via her account, as a gift?


That is a good, new question. If you bought the phone from Amazon or some other 3rd party seller yes it would. For return purposes, however, when you purchase it from RW it (at least initially) appears in your account. I don’t know what the consequences of purchasing the phone in one account and activating it in a different account are. Why don’t you open a Chat session with RW and ask them.

Click on Help, then click on Open a Ticket. The Chat button will appear.

Let us know what you learn.


don’t all phones now come deactivated I don’t think there should be an issue


keep in mind that if her phone is a 1.0/2.0 she will be forced to change her plan No Contract Cell Phone Plans without the hidden fees | Republic Wireless and most likely the backbone network provider as most 3.0 phones are GSM


Indeed they do. The only potential issue is that in the case of a return during the 14-day money back guarantee period; that must be executed from the account used to purchase the phone.


We know that when a phone is deactivated the return process is automatically initiated. I suggested the chat because I don’t know what happens if the phone is deactivated in a different account from which it was purchased.

I’ve observed that when a phone is purchased from RW it appears as a particular model in one’s account. A BYOD phone appears as a compatible phone albeit with the correct IMEI.

I’m wondering if the phone would appear one way (identified by make/model) in the account it was purchased under, the other way (compatible phone) in the account it was activated in.

It is possible RW accounted for this since they do record the IMEI of BYOD devices and in this case the same IMEI would appear in both accounts.


Your suggestion of opening a chat is perfectly reasonable. My information comes from Republic staff. When I see the question come up, I do my best to pass that information along.

My buying experience with my recently acquired Huawei Ascend 5W is that it appeared nowhere in my account other than the invoice for the purchase until after activation. I expect that will be other’s buying experience as well. You are quite correct that Republic identifies the phones make and model (complete with graphics) for phones purchased at its’ online store while using a generic “Republic Supported Phone” graphic for BYOP.

For obvious reasons, Republic cannot refund a purchase to someone who did not make it. For that reason, the return must be handled through the account used to purchase.


If the phone doesn’t appear in the account under which it was purchased prior to activation like the 2.0 phones did (I could see the make, model, phone number and serial number while the phone was still in transit) then the return process would have to be initiated by service ticket instead of by simply deactivating the phone.


You are correct sir and I did not intend to leave that part out. With the possible exception of the soft launch CDMA phones, Republic no longer ships phones in a pre-activated state.