Phone Asking For Pin?

I have the Moto G6. I bought 1GB of data, and went into the republic wireless app to show my boyfriend how to enable the data (i usually keep it off unless i need it). For some reason the data was wiped to 353 and i JUST bought it! I thought “Oh… Maybe it’s just a phone glitch”. I went to reset my phone, and now it’s asking for a pin??? I never set a pin! I always did the pattern to verify. My data was FROZEN off and i turned my wifi off as well. I do not know what happened or how to get back into my phone but i’m freaking out!

Must have been a weird glitch because now my phone is fine and the pin from my account worked apparently. This was a strange turn of events @_@

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Hi @meganw.7llqgx,

Is your data now reporting the correct amount as well?

We’ve seen some Moto G6 phones require a PIN after the latest update. Most have required a factory reset. That yours was able to recover is good news, indeed!


Yes everything went straight back to normal! It was extremely strange haha. I thought my phone got hacked and i was freaking out! But everything is fine :D! It took about an hour of just letting it sit off.

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